Schools Offering Unaccredited Degrees

Students seeking to earn a college degree should definitely avoid unaccredited schools that offer unaccredited degrees. This is especially true for those seeking an online school; yes, sometimes avoiding those unaccredited degrees can be quite tricky. Why avoid unaccredited degrees? This is because those unaccredited degrees and programs out there are practically worth a hitch and none at all for career advancement.

Despite the efforts of the federal and state governments, unaccredited degrees run rampant because the Internet has made their proliferation worse. Due to the Internet’s popularity and ease of access, unaccredited degrees and degree mills are operating on a wider scale nowadays. Students who seek a convenient way to earn a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, or even a doctoral degree should be very careful in selecting schools and programs, or they may end up losing hard-earned money from unaccredited degrees.

So why are unaccredited degrees virtually worthless? Firstly, unaccredited degrees or other credentials gained from unaccredited institutions are not recognized by the federal and state governments and by employers. What's more, if one is planning to get into civil service, unaccredited degrees will simply not make the cut.

Colleges, universities and other learning institutions offering unaccredited degrees may not have accreditation due to several reasons. A newly established institution may not have gained accreditation as of yet, while a relatively old school might have lost its accredited status due to financial problems or other issues. Some institutions offering unaccredited degrees are known as diploma mills and are guilty of fraud. Other learning institutions have unaccredited degrees because they simply refuse to participate in the process of accreditation. These institutions, mostly seminaries and Bible schools, view the process as a violation to their academic, religious and political rights.

Listed below are some of the known learning institutions offering unaccredited degrees. This list was excerpted from reliable sources, mostly from state accreditation bodies’ databases.

• Academy of Natural Therapies
• American Bible College University
• American Century University
• American Pacwest International University
• American University of London
• Ashwood University
• Barrington University, Mobile, Alabama
• Beloved Community Seminary
• B. H. Carroll Theological Institute
• Blackpool University
• Bronte International University
• Breyer State University
• California Graduate School of Theology
• Cambridge State University, Jackson, Mississippi
• Canyon College
• Chadwick University, Alabama
• Christian Bible College, Rocky Mount, North Carolina
• Columbia Pacific University
• Columbus University, Picayune, Mississippi
• Concordia College and University
• Cranmer Theological House, Louisiana; Texas
• Crown College, Tacoma, Washington
• Dorcas University, Honolulu, Hawaii
• Eastern Caribbean University, Texas; St. Kitts, Virgin Islands
• Ellington University
• Frederick Taylor International University, Hawaii; California
• Generale University (also called Generale Polytechnic Institute)
• George Wythe College, Cedar City, Utah
• Glencullen University
• Hamilton University
• Hiwassee College, Tennessee
• Honolulu University (aka Honolulu University of the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities)
• Huntington Pacific University
• International American University, California
• International University, Vienna (an American unaccredited private institution with a campus in Vienna, Austria)
• Kennedy-Western University
• Knightsbridge University
• LaSalle University (Louisiana)
• Madison University, Gulfport, Mississippi
• Morris Brown College
• Nations University, Monroe, Louisiana
• Pacific International University, Springfield, Missouri
• Rutherford University (previously known as Senior University and Stratford International University)
• Thomas Jefferson Education Foundation

More Schools


Students seeking to earn a college degree should definitely avoid unaccredited schools that offer unaccredited degrees.

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